Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine Manual

My mom has a saying:
"Get out your manual."
Every time I'd complain about my bobbin thread breaking or my machine making a strange noise or not being able to balance the tension, I'd hear
"Get out your manual."
So, in honor of my mom, for this post, I need you to:
"Get out your manual."
You can find it, right? Mine is here... That's right, it's within arm's reach of my machine. Did you find yours yet? Okay then,
"Get out your manual."
...and a stack of sticky notes. In my beginning sewing class, I have my students mark some pages for easy reference. Even now, these are the pages I turn to most often:
  • How to insert my needle (You know, flat side to the side or back.)
  • How to wind my bobbin
  • How to thread my machine
  • How to adjust the thread tension
  • How to adjust the stitch length
  • How to switch out the presser foot
  • How to reverse a stitch
  • How to use that silly button-holer
  • How to maintain, clean, and possibly oil my machine
If you mark these pages with stickies, the next time you get stuck, the answer will probably be close at hand. So, the next time you want to throw your sewing machine out the window:
"Get out your manual."


Julia said...

Mine is also right where I can get it for easy reference.

Alicia said...

So true! And I've learned to be very thankful for people who can put together a good manual - I've certainly had a few machines' whose manual read like a top-secret code book that needed deciphering. A good manual is priceless in it's helpfulness.