Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Review: Applique Martha's Favorites

Applique Martha's Favorites
by Martha Pullen
Published in 1991
ISBN: 978-9992865163
Some Chapter Headings: Types of Applique Stitch Maneuvers Applique Designs Fancy Closures-Not Just Buttons I liked:
  • The clothing patterns included with this book: a girls' jumper, a boys' suit, and an apron.
  • A great supply list that explains why you need all those things, like stabilizer and interfacings.
  • The very detailed (at first glance primitive, but actually quite informative) diagrams in the "Stitch Maneuver" chapter that instruct you as you begin to applique, turn inward or outward curves, form corners and stitch points.
  • The "Little Red Riding Hood" applique design.
My dislikes:
  • While some of the designs are very cute, others are quite dated (think things we wore in the 70s!).
  • I found the boys' suit to run very small.
  • No instructions for sewing snap tape into the crotch of the boys' suit.
Conclusion: First, this book is a bargain, when you consider all that it contains. Just purchasing a girls jumper and a boys' suit pattern could run you upwards of $20. Plus, you get all the applique designs and how-tos. Second, if you can sew, you can applique and this book is detailed enough to show you how. Even if you don't love these designs, you can take this information and make your own designs. Would I buy it for myself? I already did--several years ago, when I wanted to reproduce similar designs to those I'd seen at a local upscale children's boutique. While I don't refer to the book often anymore, it was invaluable while I was learning to applique. Would I buy it for a beginner sewer? This book would better serve an advanced beginner.

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