Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Scarf for Your Diva


Isn’t this scarf the cutest?  And super easy to make as well.  Want to make your own?

You’ll need:

  •    1/4 yard  flannel
  •    1/4 yd cute cotton
  •    1/2 yd pompom trim
  •    lots of scrap trims and ribbons (in 6+ inch lengths)
  •    a rotary cutter and mat
  •    pins
  •    thread (either matching or clear)
  •    your sewing machine and a blind hem foot if you have it
1.  Trim a full length (usually about 44-45 inches long) of flannel to 6 inches wide.
2.  Trim a full length of cotton to 6 inches of wide.
3.  Match flannel and cotton pieces.  Trim length of one if necessary.
4.  Stitch trims widthwise across the flannel piece in a random placement.  Vary distances between trims, mix and match colors, just have fun.  Just avoid the 1/2 to 1 inches of either end. 100_7045
I attached the the wider trims using my blind hem foot.  I scooted my needle as far to the left as possible and then lined the edge of my trim up with the guide on the blind hem foot.  If you don’t have a blind hem foot, just stitch as close to either edge of your trim as possible. 100_7050
For the skinner trims, I zig zagged with my clear thread over the trim.  
5.  Press 1/2 inch hem on both short ends of both flannel and cotton pieces.
6.  Place flannel to cotton, right sides together.  Pin in place.
7.  Stitch along long edges of scarf with 1/2 inch seam allowance.
8.  Turn the scarf right side out.  Press carefully.
9. Cut pom-pom trim to length so that you can slip it into the open short ends.   I decided to use 2 different colors and layered them.   Pin in place.
  100_7056 100_7057  
10. Top stitch along the short edges, securing hem and pom-poms in place.
11.  Wrap around the neck of your favorite diva and let her enjoy!

100_7085 Finished size:  approximately 44 inches by 5 inches

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julia said...

Oh my how cute! The scarf and the model!!!