Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coffee Cozies!

Here’s a quick and easy Christmas sewing idea:  Coffee Cozies to protect your fingers from that hot cup of latte you just grabbed at your favorite coffee shop. 


To make them:

  1. Buy a drink from your favorite coffee shop. 
  2. Enjoy your coffee.
  3. Before you throw the cup in the trash, snatch that handy little cardboard cup-sleeve and tear it apart at the seam.
  4. Trace it for your pattern.  I chose to add about 1 inch to the height of mine.
  5. Cut out your pattern twice:  once in fleece and and once in a really cute cotton.
  6. Cut a 3 x 3 square in a cute coordinating fabric.  (Raid your scraps!)
  7. Place your cotton and your fleece right sides together and stitch all the way around, leaving about 2 inches unstitched for turning.
  8. Trim your corners and turn it right side out.
  9. Press, folding in the hem on the unstitched  section.
  10. Top stitch around the finished edges, securing the opening.
  11. Now for your 3 x 3 square:  Fold under 1/4 inch on 3 sides and 1/2 inch on one side.
  12. Top stitch the 1/2 inch hem in place.
  13. Center your square on your new cup sleeve and top stitch on remaining 3 sides.
  14. Add a button for cuteness.
  15. Stitch your two short edges together to shape this flat piece into a sleeve.
  16. Slip it on your favorite travel mug and enjoy another cup of coffee!

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