Friday, June 24, 2011

Those Zig Zag Scissors



These scissors are actually called “pinking shears”. 


The sawtooth blade creates a “zig zag” cut. 


Why would you want to add a pair of pinking shears to your sewing box?

Woven fabrics fray.  Many times, they fray A LOT.  Cutting raw edges with pinking shears won’t prevent all this fraying, but it will limit the length of the threads that fray.  So, having a pair of pinking shears is handy for trim seam allowances and preparing the edges of some fabrics before your wash them. 

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Iris said...

Can't get through with the email link on your blog site. Sewing camp publicized in Shreveport to run 6/27-7/1 was cancelled. Would you take on a 12-yr old for private lessons for 3 or 4 sessions. She will then attend your LSU-S PJs class on July 11.
Please call 318-393-1541 or 318-671-9119 if you can help.