Monday, May 10, 2010

The Easy Way to Gather Fabric

This is not the way I’d teach you to gather fabric if you took my sewing class.  This is not the way most authors would tell you how to gather fabric.  But…if I have a long ruffle to gather, you can just about bet, this is how I will gather the fabric.

I’m showing you how I gather fabric with my computerized machine.

1.  Place fabric under needle and lower presser foot.  Take one stitch and then backstitch. 100_7064
2.  Set your stitch length to the longest setting possible.  Tighten your top thread tension as much as possible.  If you have a manual machine, just turn your stitch length dial to the longest setting.  You may also have to Increase you tension on your upper thread tension dial. 100_7066
3.  Stitch and watch your fabric gather on its own.  At the end of your fabric, do not backstitch.  100_7070
4..  Remove your fabric from your machine and adjust your gathers according to the length you need.  To tighten the gathers even more, gently pull the top thread.  100_7071

I find that using this method on my machine gathers my fabric to about 1/3 its original length.  It is easy to tug it as tight as 1/6 the original length.

Easy, isn’t it?  The most important step is still to come: 

Do not forget to reset your thread tension to its usual setting.

Happy gathering!

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Julia said...

You better believe I will be gathering this way from now on! Thanks