Saturday, February 14, 2009

Book Review: Little Retro Aprons for Kids

Little Retro Aprons for Kids by Cindy Taylor Oates published in 2007 by Taylor Made Designs A link on Amazon
Contents: General Instructions 7 Children's Aprons 1 Doll Apron Master Pattern Sheet I liked:
  • The whole book--particularly aprons A-3 and B.
  • The butcher aprons (Patterns A-1, A-2, and A-3) have adjustable straps that pull through loops to tie in the back, rather than a tacked neck strap and separate ties.
  • The General Instructions are very thorough and designed for even the most beginner sewers (for example, the first set of instructions is "Tracing Your Pattern").


None really. Conclusion: This is the cutest book of patterns! I love creating aprons for gifts and these are so simple! The doll apron is designed for an 18 inch doll (and perfect for Kit K. who came to live with us this Christmas). The best part of these aprons--the flexibility! You can have fun with fabrics, embroider, and change out elements. This book would be a great addition to your library if you have little people to sew for. The purple and yellow apron pictured above was made for a 4-year-old friend. I used pattern A-3, but I only used 1 ruffle. The size 4 was so small that the 3 ruffles originally in the pattern were too much.

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